Why did you start blogging?
I get asked this all the time and the genuine answer is because I love writing and I love fashion. Blogging combines my love of both things and is my little piece of the internet to be myself. My blog began after reading endless blogs and thinking 'I want to do that'. One day, with some free time I signed up to blogger and haven't looked back since.

Why is your blog called 'whatgeorgiadidnext'?
I loved the What Katie did next books as a child and although I tried tirelessly to think of a witty blog name, this was all I could come up with. Also, I like to think my blog is a way of keeping up to date with my life and documenting what I do- hence the 'next' part. 

What type of blog is your blog?
My blog is primarily fashion but I feature a lot of beauty and lifestyle. I started whatgeorgiadidnext with full intentions of only being fashion based but after discovering so many beauty blogs via twitter, and a fear of OOTD posts (someone please come be my photographer!) I decided to give that a go too. Lifestyle posts tend to be when I have something to say and can't fit it all into one tweet. 

Are you PR Friendly? 
Of course I am! Have you ever meant a blogger that wasn't? Head over to my contact page to find my details (especially if you're from Mulberry!)

Would you ever do Youtube? 
Absolutely not. Sometimes I think 'i'd like to do that...' then I remember what my voice sounds like and close my webcam very quickly.

Has your work ever been featured anywhere else? 


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